New Single: Let Go


Sometimes there are moments in life when you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere. From such a moment the new single “Let Go” by John Hänni was born. The song is about letting go of our familiar circumstances, leaving the comfort zones, accepting failure, and concentrating our strength on what is really important. The song is supposed to be an encouragement to take the necessary steps to approach a new phase of life, to be open and free again for what will come, and to leave old disappointments behind.

John Hänni is a whirlwind without equal, be it in real life or in the digital world. He can be found on various stages and places, and also on Facebook he’s whirling. Behind the Swiss artists Eluveitie and Beatrice Egli he has the third most fans on Facebook with over 520’000 followers.

Here you can listen to the song: