NEW: When You're All Alone - John Hänni Live at Groove Factory Bern

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NEW: John Hänni - One True Heart (Live at Groovefactory Bern)

John Hänni - Start to Care (Lyric Video)

NEW: John Hänni - Faster Bigger Louder Higher (Official Lyric Video)

John Hänni - Start to Care

NEW: John Hänni - Let Go (Official Lyric Video)

John Hänni - Your Grace (Acoustic Version)

John Hänni - Your Love (Official Lyric Video)

Over 100'000 Views: Travelling On My Own Music Video from the new Album Happy Life

Then I Found You

Travelling On My Own Radio Live Version

Happy Life Album Snippet

Happy Life Music Video

Chocolate (Album Snippet CD1: Mundart)

Chocolate (Album Snippet CD2: english)

I Can't Shut Up

Eurovision 2013 - No Puedo Callar

You Love Me For Me

You Love Me For Me (Live in Boston)

P.N.G. Swiss German

P.N.G. Pidgin